Says it all. And then she asks, "so, which will you be?"

graphic about how not to rape )

If you want context, here are both of her posts about consent.

Edited much later to add that I don't entirely agree with this viewpoint, anymore. I respect it though.

oh hell no

Nov. 5th, 2011 07:55 pm
Rachel Maddow, on why bad predictors should be ignored. In particular, if you were an architect of the Iraq War, please do NOT give your wrong opinions about the war in Afghanistan! This is clip has a very narrow focus on an American politician (Paul Wolfowitz, aka Mr. Wrong), but makes a broad point. This has a different flavor from the many times Maddow has spoken out against outright lying in politics.
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Here's a video I saw some time ago, but it won't be obsolete anytime soon, if ever (though we can hope). The United Nations. There is a very nice introduction, but the actual speaker starts about 3:15 in. She...well, she gives an amazing, passionate and succinct defense of rights for transgender people. And says why we shouldn't be wed to our own ideas of how sex and/or gender should work. Really, the lesson she teaches here is deep rather than broad, and hopefully it sticks.

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Here is a post from Goddamazon, on Tumblr, explaining the original purpose of the "we're a culture, not a costume" poster campaign. It is a very clear, well-presented lecture on the broader topic of cultural appropriation by white people.*

The context is that a college student (read here) has started up putting posters on Tumblr about cultural appropriation in Hallowe'en costumes. The posters say "We're a culture, not a costume. This is not who I am, and this is not okay". There is now a backlash parody meme where people make fun of these posters. They obviously didn't get the message.

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What she says, about and in the video:
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*As always, and as she explains, this means "some white people" not "all white people".



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