Three queer people of color perform a spoken-word piece about how same-sex marriage doesn't do much for queer people. And how most of the white part of the queer community, the part with the most visibility (the part that can afford the most visibility without being arrested!) does little or nothing for the rest.

It's a brilliant performance. Video *and* transcript and some more info are at this entry: Queer Rage.

Re-posted video and transcript )
Or rather, the people mostly represented on the internet.

Here's Zinnia Jones, who is composed as always but still conveys cold rage.

video: you treat women like that? )

Zinnia has provided most transcripts here, and says others, for example this one, are available upon request.

ETA: another video by Zinnia, about blaming the victims of abuse in defense of religion. Much more personal.
A website called "Yo, is this racist?"

In which people mostly ask racist stuff, and this blogger does a combination of intelligent jokes, serious answers, and swearing at them. Major points for calling it "divide and conquer tactics" when someone tries to ask for Oppression Olympics (such as "which is worse, racism or sexism"?)

oh hell no

Nov. 5th, 2011 07:55 pm
Rachel Maddow, on why bad predictors should be ignored. In particular, if you were an architect of the Iraq War, please do NOT give your wrong opinions about the war in Afghanistan! This is clip has a very narrow focus on an American politician (Paul Wolfowitz, aka Mr. Wrong), but makes a broad point. This has a different flavor from the many times Maddow has spoken out against outright lying in politics.
Video: video )
Transcript below. here )
An explanation of just some of what abortion campaigns are getting wrong. (USA)

This video is simply incredible.

video )
I should be up-front about this: I'm posting things that I think are motivated *by* anger, whether they express anger or use humor to dispel the tension. A two-parter today, which I think is motivated by both. Alan Grayson was a US Representative at the time when a big whammy healthcare bill was being debated throughout Congress, which in my memory takes up all of 2009.

video 1 )

And the second part, after being asked for an apology:

video 2 )

Have a good day. If you're in America, don't get sick.
Here is a post from Goddamazon, on Tumblr, explaining the original purpose of the "we're a culture, not a costume" poster campaign. It is a very clear, well-presented lecture on the broader topic of cultural appropriation by white people.*

The context is that a college student (read here) has started up putting posters on Tumblr about cultural appropriation in Hallowe'en costumes. The posters say "We're a culture, not a costume. This is not who I am, and this is not okay". There is now a backlash parody meme where people make fun of these posters. They obviously didn't get the message.

video )
What she says, about and in the video:
here )
*As always, and as she explains, this means "some white people" not "all white people".



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