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Nov. 5th, 2011 07:55 pm
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Rachel Maddow, on why bad predictors should be ignored. In particular, if you were an architect of the Iraq War, please do NOT give your wrong opinions about the war in Afghanistan! This is clip has a very narrow focus on an American politician (Paul Wolfowitz, aka Mr. Wrong), but makes a broad point. This has a different flavor from the many times Maddow has spoken out against outright lying in politics.

Transcript below.
RM: All right. It is friday night. I have to get this off my chest. Do you remember this guy?

Then deputy defense secretary Paul Wolfowitz, seen here in filmmaker Michael Moore's 2004 documentary "Fahrenheit 9/11." Mr. Wolfowitz primping himself for the tv cameras; Mr. Wolfowitz all smiles as he heads up the Bush administration selling the iraq war PR campaign. Aside from being the guy who forever changed the way you think about harmless black little haircombs, Paul Wolfowitz is aslo known around here as Mr. Wrong. Not wrong as in the opposite of Mr. Right, but wrong as in wrong. Wrong about everything. The more important the task and the lead-up in execution of the Bush administration's wars, the more likely Paul Wolfowitz was wrong about it. Here for example, was Paul Wolfowitz addressing the american public two months into the war in Afghanistan.

PW: "The american people have to be prepared for the fact that we may be hunting Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan months from now."

RM: Months from now, huh? That was in 2001. He was wrong there by more than 100 months and counting. That, of course, did not stop him from making bold proclamations like this one about the Bush administration's next big war--and next big Paul Wolfowitz idea--in Iraq.

PW: "Some of the higher-end predictions that we've been hearing recently, such as the notion that it would take several hundred thousand U.S. troops to provide stability in post-Saddam Iraq, is wildly off the mark.

RM: "Wildly off the...yeah. Anybody who suggest that...nuts." Wrong! A month before the invasion of Iraq, Paul Wolfowitz predicted, and I quote: "Iraqis are 23 million of the most educated people in the arab world who are going to welcome us as liberators." Wrong again! According to Mr. Wolfowitz cost of the iraq war was going to be picked up by the Iraqi people themselves.

PW: "We're dealing with a country that can finance its own reconstruction and relatively soon."

RM (sarcastic): That Iraq war reconstruction won't cost us a thing! Free to the american taxpayer. Wrong, wrong and wrong again. If you hear something clangingly, obviously wrong in america, look around, Paul Wolfowitz is somewhere near you.

Reporter: "Do we have any evidence yet of chemical or biological weapons on the ground?"
PW: "These young men and women are in the middle of fighting a very difficult war. They have their hands full defeating the enemy. When that's done, we'll have time to look for those weapons of mass destruction. That's not our main purpose right now."
Reporter: "And you have now doubt we'll find them in substantial numbers."
PW: "I've never seen the intelligence community as unified and confident in their basic judgment [as they are] here."

Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. Paul Wolfowitz is Mr. Wrong. He was wrong time and time again throughout his time in the George W. Bush administration. Part of the reason the George W. Bush administration was so disastrous for our nation and the world was that this guy was in charge of important things! And he's wrong about everything. If there's one thing we all learned as americans it's to never listen to this man, particularly on matters of war and how to wage war. And yet today, Foreign Policy Magazine, which I like, published a piece by Paul Wolfowitz and another guy who was always utterly wrong about Iraq, a guy named Michael O'Hanlon: Paul Wolfowitz and Michael O'Hanlon have just unveiled, in foreign policy, something they're calling "Plan Afghanistan." I realize this is not the most important thing in the world that guys like Paul Wolfowitz still write articles about U.S. wars, but please, Jesus. Can there be some accountability in american politics? Can there be a penalty about being wrong about the biggest things in the world to be wrong about? If you were an architect of the Iraq war, you don't ever get an opportunity to talk about what is a good idea when it comes to war ever again. Deal? Deal. Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, no. Donald Rumsfeld, not interested. Condoleezza rice, I'm sorry, I'm sure your new book is awesome, I would still like to interview you about it, but when it comes to being part of our collective conversation about war in this country, you had your chance! You blew it! No! Wrong. You are not going to be consulted on the next big idea since you got the last one so wrong. Take up another hobby! Try to convince us to listen to your big ideas on some other subject. Take up macramé. Confess before the cleric of your choosing. Buy stock in little black combs and lick them and make a fortune. But war advice, no. Seriously, Foreign Policy Magazine, you went looking for a plan for Afghanistan and for that plan, you went looking to Paul Wolfowitz? The answer is no, no, no. Ten years of hell, no. Not again.



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